SureSwitch™ Relay

Prevent Early Failure and Damage to Your AC System

SureSwitch™ Relay

Main features

  • Sealed switching contacts, no bugs or debris issues
  • Microprocessor detects and mitigates arcing that damages traditional contactors
  • Integrated short cycle and random startup timer
  • Integrated 220V brownout protection
  • Super quiet latching relay, no buzz or hum
  • Status LED

Specs & Details

The SureSwitch™ Relay is an electronic upgrade for mechanical AC/Heat Pump compressor contactors that upgrades and protects your AC or Heat Pump investment.


1. Pest Protection: Totally sealed to keep out ants and debris; no pest control treatments needed for outside AC or Heat Pump units.

2. 5X Life vs. Traditional Contactor: Microprocessor control nearly eliminates contact damage.

3. No Noise: Latching internal relay won’t hum or buzz.

4. Time Delays: Protect your system when restarting between regular cycles or after power interruptions.

5. Low Voltage Brownout Protection: Detects and protects system from low voltage events that can cause compressor and fan motors to overheat and fail prematurely.




Full specifications on SureSwitch™ Relay Click here for full specifications.

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