PCO Plus

Helps reduce airborne viruses by more than 90% in a few air exchanges

PCO Plus

Main features

  • Installs into existing ductwork
  • Uses minimum household electricity
  • 2-year long-life lamps
  • Completely silent operation
  • Prolongs life of HVAC system


Specs & Details

PCO Plus features photocatalytic oxidation combined with UV light technology. Its high output of germicidal UVC kills or deactivates germs, biological growth and viruses, while helping to reduce the spread of colds and flu. The PCO Plus technology helps keep the equipment cleaner and working more efficiently. The UV Light inhibits the growth of micro-organisms like bacteria, biological growth and viruses in your air handling system and airstream.

Product Helps With:

  • Germs/Viruses
  • Toxins/Odors

Full specifications on PCO Plus Click here for full specifications.

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