Comfort Sentry™ 2/2 Programmable Thermostat

Easy-To-Read, Easy-To-Use

Comfort Sentry™ 2/2 Programmable Thermostat

Main features

  • Universal 2 heat/2 cool
  • Dual fuel capable with Smart Fuel™ logic program
  • Exclusive Cool Savings™ feature saves energy during peak A/C demand periods
  • Choice of 7, 5/1/1, or 5/2 day programmable
  • Keypad lockout and temperature limits

Specs & Details

The Comfort Sentry™ 2/2 Programmable thermostat is an inexpensive upgrade for a simple-to-use, easy-to read, and efficient thermostat. Intuitive operating Intuitive operating choices mean nothing new to learn. Preinstalled or customizable programs makes heating and cooling your home easier and more efficient than ever.

  • 5” blue, lighted display for easier low-light viewing
  • Homeowner-friendly language & simple one-button, one-function operation
  • Energy savings of up to 33%



Full specifications on Comfort Sentry™ 2/2 Programmable Thermostat Click here for full specifications.

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