Comfort Sentry™ Sensi™ Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat

Total Home Temperature Control, Just a Touch Away

Comfort Sentry™ Sensi™ Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat

Main features

  • Energy Star Certified!
  • High-definition color display featuring easy-to-read temperature and menus
  • Functional and effective without Wi-Fi
  • Program a schedule for each day of the week that fits your lifestyle
  • Uses your smartphone’s location to automatically adjust your thermostat
  • Alerts you when extreme temperature or humidity changes are detected
  • Universal 4 Heat/2 Cool
  • Easily and quickly connect to contractor for all HVAC needs

Specs & Details

The Sensi™ Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat allows home temperature to be controlled from anywhere, anytime, from any smart phone or the high definition color display. The app is installed on mobile devices, making remote thermostat programming and operation simple and intuitive. Homeowners can now achieve instant comfort the moment they return home. Plus, no more wasteful heating and cooling when homeowners are away.

  • Connect from most mobile devices
  • Control multiple thermostats at once








Full specifications on Comfort Sentry™ Sensi™ Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat Click here for full specifications.

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